2016 Dodge Viper ACR pricing announced

November 1, 2017

Call your homeowner’s association and lock up your pets because Dodge has opened up ordering for the sure to be insane 2015 Dodge Viper price ACR.

The V10-powered, 645-hp go-kart with fangs will start at $117,895 according to a Chrysler press release. This price does not include any repairs resulting from it inevitably being driven into a lake or the 90 sets of tires you will go through in the first week of ownership.

This ACR will come with “minimal 3-speaker audio” and “manual seats,” which places the interior of the ACR just this side of a few lawn chairs and an iHome speaker. We doubt comfort and sound quality mean anything when liquefying tires and other cars on the track.

Later in the production cycle, Dodge will offer the “ACR Extreme Aero Package,” which includes an enormous wing that delivers up to 1 ton of downforce and makes the Viper look like the SRT engineers combined a Cessna with a robot snake from hell.

In addition to the big ol’ wing that is affixed to the ACR, Dodge is letting buyers customize paint colors as part of its “1 of 1” program, so you can make your Viper ACR any color you feel is most likely to frighten teens in souped-up Honda Civics at stop lights. Do you want a color that will melt your lawn the second you pull into your driveway? Dodge will let you order that color.

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