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Are Flying Cars Really Happening?

November 18, 2017

Thinking about what the future holds for us can be exciting and scary at the same time, with more emphasis on exciting thanks to the crazy leaps in technology that we have been witnessing for the past decades. Technology of all kinds has progressed at rapid paces and as a result, many things that were once confined to the imaginary worlds of movies, novels and cartoons are now starting to pop up in reality. We have been reading about flying cars for a really long time now and it finally seems that the day in which the sky will be filled with cars is drawing nearer and nearer.

A Boston based company named Terrafugia has been spearheading the research and development behind flying cars for a really long time now and has managed to produce a number of promising prototypes that prove that flying cars can become a reality. This company’s latest (and so far the most practical) flying car id the TFX model, a car that is designed to hold four passengers and makes use of pusher propellers and aerial thrust to move around.

There are a lot of new ideas and functions that the TFX has brought to the table, it has a compact body that can fit inside a single car garage and is also capable of vertical take-off and landings. Looks wise, the TFX has a pretty strong resemblance with a boat, its two pusher propellers are attached to two retractable wings on each side of the car and on the back is an aerial thruster that will help the car accelerate.

Terrafugia’s TFX model sounds quite promising, but unfortunately this car only exists in the form of a 3D rendering and a small one tenth scale model, the company estimates that the TFX would become available for release 8 to 12 years from now and when it does come around, you can expect the TFX flying car price to be around a whopping 279,000 US dollars. The long waiting time and the ridiculous price tag is not the only problem with this flying car, there are various other factors as well that make owning a flying car quite impractical.

The TFX’s prototype model has yet to be tested for aerodynamics, the company plans on carrying out these tests in the MIT Wright Brothers wind tunnel where they have conducted previous tests as well. Basically, we still do not know whether this prototype is going to be air-worthy or not, also, another reason why flying cars still seem to be quite far-off in the future is that new laws, rules and driving methods are going to have to be created and implemented before flying cars become common vehicles.

So far, we can only be patient and hope that the many impracticalities that are associated with flying cars are tackled and handled in a feasible manner, that, and also when flying cars doe come around, they will not be crazily expensive vehicles.

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