Best Impact Wrenches That Everyone Needs

April 22, 2018

Impact wrenches do not only belong in the hands of mechanics but they should be available in the toolbox of any individual who likes to be the handyman of the house. Impact wrenches are the new deal and they completely throw out tools that had to be used manually to remove nuts and bolts. With an impact wrench, you do not need to exert in order to turn around rusty bolts and nuts, this nifty little tool does it all for you; it uses torque output to suddenly deliver the energy into the output shaft and this is all possible because of the energy that is stored up in a rotating mass.

These impact wrenches do the work well and are so easy to use that they are used in not only professional garages but also in home projects. Impact wrenches are great tools but it can be confusing to purchase the right one which is why sites like Closeup Check have talked in detail about different models of impact wrenches available and we will be talking about only the best ones.

Makita XWT04Z LXT Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch, 18-Volt High Torque Impact Wrench

This impact wrench of Matika is known among the users because of its high power that can go up to 326 lbs of torque and its power range is from 1600 RPM to 2200 RPM which is the perfect power range for someone who wants a tool that will allow super fast fastening. Another reason because of which it is so liked is its design which allows it to be easily gripped and used in tight spaces.


This impact wrench offers a powerful lion battery, LED lighting and great durability because of the quality materials and additionally, it is light weight and compact.

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