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Buying a Condo? Why Location is Important

March 14, 2018

The idea of the idea home has changed immensely over the past few decades. Previously, all people ever wanted was a house with a backyard and the white picket fence in the suburbs. However, ever since the housing crisis, the number of people buying houses annually has decreased monumentally. In fact, more and more people are opting to stay in apartments, but people who want something more permanent than apartments are opting for condos instead.

Now condos are a really good option for people who want to invest in permanent property ownership and stay closer or within the city district at the same time. With so many developers launching condominium projects every year, it can understandably be confusing knowing which one to go for, so we have boiled it down to one important factor, and that is location.

Location should be a key factor when you are choosing your condominium because if your condo is located on the opposite end of the city compared to where you work or have to go regularly, then you end up spending just as much time commuting from your condo to your office as you would commuting from the suburbs to your office, ultimately defeating the entire purpose of buying a condo in the first place. You also want your condominium to be located near or close to grocery stores, pharmacies etc. for the sake of your own convenience. Lastly, a condo located around or near cinemas, malls, art galleries etc. will naturally have a higher price since they are located around other prime estate, this will make it easier for you in case you ever need to sell your condo later on in the future. In case you are interested, 11 Yorkville condos have recently launched a new condominium project which you can check out.

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