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Buying a Condo? Why Location is Important

March 14, 2018

The idea of the idea home has changed immensely over the past few decades. Previously, all people ever wanted was a house with a backyard and the white picket fence in the suburbs. However, ever since the housing crisis, the number of people buying houses annually has decreased monumentally. In fact, more and more people are opting to stay in apartments, but people who want something more permanent than apartments are opting for condos instead.

Now condos are a really good option for people who want to invest in permanent property ownership and stay closer or within the city district at the same time. With so many developers launching condominium projects every year, it can understandably be confusing knowing which one to go for, so we have boiled it down to one important factor, and that is location.

Location should be a key factor when you are choosing your condominium because if your condo is located on the opposite end of the city compared to where you work or have to go regularly, then you end up spending just as much time commuting from your condo to your office as you would commuting from the suburbs to your office, ultimately defeating the entire purpose of buying a condo in the first place. You also want your condominium to be located near or close to grocery stores, pharmacies etc. for the sake of your own convenience. Lastly, a condo located around or near cinemas, malls, art galleries etc. will naturally have a higher price since they are located around other prime estate, this will make it easier for you in case you ever need to sell your condo later on in the future. In case you are interested, 11 Yorkville condos have recently launched a new condominium project which you can check out.

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The Thrill to Invest

March 6, 2018

Real estate as a physical asset is profitable in many ways and likewise there are plenty of people who look into the business of investing in real estate for the assured immediate income. People who begin to invest in real estate can see a positive change in their cash flow almost immediately in the first few months as compared to those who look to invest in the various other forms of investments that are available out there on the market. Having the monthly mortgage payments on time and ensuring you have the proper insurance is helpful to your thriving real estate investments.

Another thing that can help you maximize your gains, which is basically something that everyone wants to do, is to hire a real estate property management company. It’s unlikely of an event itself to experience loss on real estate if you know what you’re doing and that is what a professional property management company is set up to do. In general, real-estate as a long-term investment is a difficult thing to pull off without the expertise and knowledge needed to do it and might be better left to property management services like Trams MGMT so that you can relax knowing your investments are in good hands.

It is always possible to do the management yourself, there’s no doubt about that and if it’s done well you can see yourself earning even more cash than you might have even thought possible. It’s a lot of work takes a lot of analysing of the market which can reduce the time you have to give to your routine responsibilities and to your friends and family. Maintain a healthy balance in your life is important in order to be able to enjoy life to the fullest possible degree.

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Things to Expect From a Good Condominium Project

February 13, 2018

The stress of buying a new place is real. However, it is not impossible. Through this article, I would try my best to make the decision easier for you, by giving you things to think about. These things will help you focus more on a list to consider that includes factors that matter a lot, when buying a new condominium or just investing in the project. I hope this article would benefit you in making a better and informed decision.

Good Security

One of the benefits of a condominium house over a ground based house is security. Since you are going for a condo, chances are that you are looking for a more secure place. Keeping that in mind, look for a place that provides good security at its entrance, so that no nuisance occurs while you are staying there.

Shops And Stores

Some condos provide their own convenience stores, within the vicinity, amongst many other things like gyms, sports, swimming pool, bars and cafes, recreational and entertainment centers, etc. Similar to the first point, if you are going for a condominium, you might want to check out what kinds of facilities are they offering.

The Location

This is definitely a killer point. Condominiums are generally better known for their locations, when it comes to pitting against ground based houses. However, investing in a condominium that is not very accessible and does not have a lot of entertainment places, schools, transportations, etc., nearby, does not have much point to it.


This is more for people who are going for a newer project. If you want better prices, and reserve better spots in the condo, you would want to go for some place like Mirvish Gehry Toronto, that offers pre-registration.

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Housing in The New World

January 18, 2018

As the world changes and lifestyle choices change, the way of life of people also changes. The choices people make about various things also start changing. One of the major changes that we see are that people are going to be moving away from rural and semi developed areas, or even developed areas, to mega cities and metropolises. People who decide to make the move will out number the amount of people who choose to stay behind in the more rural areas. In a report about the year 2030, it is said that the amount of people who want to live in major cities is going to go up. The report said that the rural urban population divide will stand at 60percent to 40 percent in favor of the urban side. This means that as more and more people move to the larger cities it will become more difficult to find decent and affordable housing. The prices of most properties will likely rise after the increased influx of people.

People will find it more difficult to live in the city if they only look for houses or apartments to rent, and this is why there will be an increase in the sale and popularity of condos and condominiums. You see that a lot of people have to already begun to move to condominiums, like the Era Yonge Condos, especially in places like Canada. According to the last Canadian census there has been a shift in choice of housing as every 8th household now exists in a condo. So with the changes property owners have begun creating condos and condominiums in better shape, with increased amenities, facilities, and luxuries, and with increased comfort to the people who are living in the condos, and all at a much cheaper price compared to housing.

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Tips to Help You in Buying a Condo

January 17, 2018

Buying any kind of property for first timers can be a very daunting process and they have a hard time finding a good place for themselves. Of course if you are a newbie in this field you need to take all the help you can get and by that, we mean you should hire a professional real estate agents. The best place to go to buy condos are at Empire Maverick condo, since the project is completely based on one of the finest places to live in and they offer the best market competitive prices, that enables the consumers to have the best experiences.

If you are planning on buying a condo, do your research properly and as mentioned before try to get as much help as possible. We have listed down a few of the tips that will help you as well, check them out below.

Reach Out to Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are experts in finding the perfect place for you and they also help in making sure that you get the best deal on properties and there are a lot of other perks as well; so if you are a newbie and do not know much about the real estate market then you should look for a good real estate agent for yourself. If you follow the trend and want to own a condo then you need that there are a lot of options from which you can choose one.

Select a Target Location

Make sure you select a location that is strategic for you so that you do not have issues commuting from one place or another without much issues. If you select a location that is too far from your workplace and market then it will cause more difficulty for you.

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