Employee Profile

Alex Ullmann – V12 Power Sales Executive

About Me: As a friendly face at Project Kahn, I have a keen passion for cars and enjoy meeting new people. My qualities are establishing relationships with clients, maintaining a high level of communication- making sure that clients are happy throughout the entire ‘sales process’. I take great pride in the highest level of customer service. I apply myself whole-heartedly and enjoy everything that I do- There’s no point otherwise!

1. How do you find working within the Kahn Empire?
I work as part of an experienced team, in an environment conducive to personal success and development.

2. Describe your perfect holiday.
Lying on a beach, sipping on an exotic cocktail and reading the latest copy of Top Marques.

3. What is your favourite Kahn product?
There are far too many products to name just one! From Watches to Chrome Fog-lamp bezels, Kahn creates quality products at every level. Unique bonnet-stripes on Range Rover Sports look great though.

4. If Kahn could produce any product, what would it be?
We have to move with the times, so everyday our product range is expanding, with new designs or modifications to existing ones in our accessory brochure. How about some Carbon Fibre body kits…

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
That’s none of your business!