Fat-Less Body Building

February 22, 2018

When people think about building up muscle, they think about bulking up by eating a lot of fats and a lot of protein. This process is usually referred to as the bulking period of body building and it is when a person is building up a lot of muscles but is also eating a lot of fat a long with it. This is done because as the body is pushed to newer limits it needs a lot of energy and you need to train your body to burn fats instead of burning carbs and storing the fats.

However, during this time period people end up gaining a layer of fat that will cover their muscles which they will later need to get rid of once the muscles have gotten to the point where the person is happy. However, once you are at this point you will find that cutting the fat off of your body is very difficult and that it is not easy to switch towards a low fat diet after being able to eat whatever you wanted for months on end.

Switching out of the bulking period once you have reached the desired point of muscle building to the fat cutting period is very difficult and many people are unable to make it through. If you are unable to successfully through the cutting phase then you will have gained a lot of weight and fat for no real reason. However, fat is still necessary in your diet otherwise your body will start burning protein instead of fat. What you can do in all of this is follow the clean bulking meal plan. In this diet you only really eat 5 to 10 percent more fat than you need instead of the 20 to 30 percent you normally eat.

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