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How to Tell Sunroofs And Moonroofs Apart

November 18, 2017

A car with a sun roof has a pretty elegant and fancy feel to it, sunroofs can increase the aesthetical value of a vehicle and also make their insides feels more spacious, they have become so popular that sunroofs are common in a lot of vehicles nowadays. A lot of people do not know this but there is more than one type of sunroof, the other type is known as a moonroof, however, we have pretty much muddled up the two and now use both terms interchangeably.

Sunroofs and moonroofs look pretty similar, however there are a few significant differences which make both types of see-through roofs different from one another. The first ever sunroof was introduced in 1937 by the Nash Motor Company, it consisted of a slide-able solid panel that could be moved to reveal a glass panel. The term sunroof can be applied to any opening in a car’s roof that can either be closed or opened, modern sunroofs come with inconspicuous solid panels that are designed to blend in with the rest of the car’s interior roof.

This panel is meant to be pushed out of the way by hand to reveal a transparent glass pane, most sunroofs provide the option to open this glass panel to provide ventilation as well. The glass panel is usually automated and can be opened, closed, and adjusted through button controls.

Moonroofs on the other hand, are a lot simpler, a moonroof is a simple glass panel on the roof, much like an extra window on the car’s roof. Moonroofs cannot be covered neither can they be opened, however there are some designs out there that let you open the panel just a little bit for ventilation. While they do not open completely like sunroofs, there are some perks that moonroofs have to offer, the biggest being that a moonroof can consist of multiple glass panels, this makes them feel much more grander, which is why they are used in luxury cars as well.

The next time you want to tell the difference between a moonroof and a sunroof, simply look for the technical details, if there is an option to cover the glass panels then it probably is not a moonroof. If there are not any button controls for operating the glass panel or there are multiple panels then that means that the vehicle has a moonroof.

If you are thinking of which one is better, the answer to that is based on your personal preference, some people prefer the spacious and open feeling that a moonroof can provide, while others find the functionality of a sunroof more. A moonroof can also be thought of as an outdated sunroof, but instead of going out of style, it turned into an alternative to the modern sunroof. Regardless of their differences, both of these panels help in ventilation and in keeping a car’s interior flooded with natural light that also helps in uplifting the aesthetic sense of the vehicle.

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