Maintain Your Snorkel Mask to Get The Most Out of It

April 11, 2018

An important reason for maintaining your snorkel mask is that if you do not, it will start to deteriorate fast and develop problems and if you snorkel with it, it can cause a lot of serious and real issues which is why we would suggest you to take a look at this https://getsnorkelmask.com/care-maintenance-snorkeling-mask/ and then read the article further ahead.

Cleaning of The Mask

Cleaning of the mask is a very important task and if you can do it properly, it would mean that you are maintaining it quite well. In the life of a snorkel mask, the cleaning can be divided as after purchase, before and after snorkeling. If you miss any of the cleaning, it will cause you problems so make sure that you follow the routine i.e. you need to clean the snorkel mask once you have bought it because the lens of the mask has a layer of oil which needs to be removed. Before you go snorkeling, you need to apply mask defogger and after snorkeling you should always wash your mask with soap and warm water, use a soft towel to dry it off and store it away.


It is vital that you remember that proper storage contributes to the longevity of the snorkel mask so make sure that while it is in storage, it does not get exposed to the sunlight for a long time or else it might get damaged. It is necessary that the mask be stored in a dry and cool place so that it can serve its purpose to the fullest. We would suggest that the mask should be placed in a hard cover and carried in a bubble wraps during travels so that the lens can remain intact.

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