The Journey to Self-Acceptance

April 17, 2018

If you fail to find peace within yourself, it won’t be long till you give entry to demons and shadows. They will haunt you in the middle of the night and bring on memories that you much rather forget but somehow keep failing to do so. People commits actions that they are not proud of and these actions bring them shame and regret and no matter how big of a hole they did for them.

It can be hard for these people to bury the regret and a shame they are carrying around with them. Sometimes the demons gets so powerful that even simple counseling can’t help you tame them. These demons are a product of your own emotions and the only way to rid of them is to find peace within yourself. You could go to a million sessions of counseling but as long as you don’t help yourself it will all be useless. In the past you may have done something that might have hurt someone you love and now you may think that you deserve the monsters that you carry but that is simply not true. Peace at mind is you right no matter what you let your monsters tell you.

The wrong you’ve done may not go away but it is possible to find acceptance of your actions so that you can love yourself once more and sleep peacefully in the night. After reading personal accounts by Jay Depoy, you will see that there is indeed a light in the end if the dark tunnel. It is a relief to her about shame and regrets similar to your own and to know that people have made it and so can you.

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