When You Find It

March 24, 2018

When it comes to requiring some low friction and non-stick properties, PTFE coating is widespread used in the market ever since its innovation. There are numerous applications that require the inherent properties that this chemical has to offer, just take a look at the pots and pans in your house. You probably don’t want to go through too much effort to clean your utensils when you make one particularly sticky dish like lasagne.

Imagine the effort involved when all the pasta gets stuck to all corners of your cooking utensils and now you have to dedicate a significant amount of time in just getting it off. That’s where coatings like PTFE come in. It helps to keep certain surfaces non-sticky as well as hydrophobic making them resistant to water. This is useful when coating equipment that you can expect to be carrying dangerous electrical currents like the wiring you find from power stations that go to the city. Of course the size of the wire will vary a lot depending on where it’s coming from and where it’s going to, sometimes the wire will be only a few millimetres or a couple of centimetres in diameter and the thicker the wire, the more important you can expect it to be.

For that, you need PTFE industrial coatings. It sees a lot of use in the market ever since it was first innovated and the proof of this exists in the fact that this very coating was used in the very building that the first atomic bomb was developed in to prevent the leak of corrosive uranium hexafluoride. From the times of world war 2, that industrial usage has made its way home and now multiple products in the modern world that need coating are usually coated with something like PTFE.

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