Why Dental Implants Are Better

February 27, 2018

We don’t really imagine facing any major dental issues when we are still young because we have a belief that our teeth are pretty resilient, which isn’t wrong. However, sometimes we tend to take this for granted and really push our dental health to the limits. You can blame a really bad cavity or an accident that causes you to lose a tooth or teeth, but at the end of the day, all you can do once you have already lost your tooth, is to work on damage control. Regardless of whoever you go to today, they will recommend that you opt for dental implants because they are the best option. Now if you are still skeptical about this, you can keep on reading below.

  • A Dental implant basically consists of a piece of titanium that is attached to your jaw socket, which is then covered with a dental crown or cap. Since the titanium is practically hidden from your view and the dental cap looks realistic, it will give a very natural feel, so it won’t affect your self-confidence.
  • Implants are permanently fixed. In fact, titanium actually fuses with the bone, so you don’t have to worry about anything moving while you are eating or in any sort of situation.
  • Since the titanium fuses with bone, preventing bone deterioration and resorption. This also allows for pressure and weight to be equally distributed throughout your jaw.
  • Dental implants happen to have a very high success rate, especially when compared to the other alternatives.

If you want to learn the eligibility criteria, or if you want to book a consultation in order to learn more, you can simply book an appointment with the experts at The Woodlands Dentist today in order to get a good professional opinion.

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