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Why Go For an Octane Booster?

November 18, 2017

The fuel that we fill up our vehicle with is a precious, non-renewable natural resources that is mined from the ground through oil wells, in its rawest form, natural oil is called crude oil, crude oil gest refined to produce a variety of other fuels, one of them being petrol. Petrol is highly flammable and is combusted in a vehicle’s engine’s combustion chamber in order to make the engine work, there are a lot of factors that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the combustion process, a major one being the quality of fuel being used.

The more refined and clean a fuel is, the better it combusts, and as a result, it produces more power, the quality of fuel is measured by the octane level of the fuel being used, the octane level determines how much compression can fuel take after being ignited. High octane fuel causes lesser knocking and pinging and also keeps the insides of your vehicle in better shape since it has a lesser amount of residue inside of it. Unfortunately, not every place has access to fuel that has good octane levels, the standard level of octane for midrange unleaded fuel in usually around 88 to 90, but sometimes low quality fuel does make its way to the gas station.

If the area that you live in does not have a supply of low octane fuels then there is not a lot that you can do other than make use of octane boosters; substances that aid in the combustion process and reduce harmful engine knocking and pinging. There are a lot of octane booster’s out there, not all of which work as advertised, some people claim that the effects of octane boosters are quite negligible, while others argue that they can save your engine from excessive harm.

Based on reviews and analysis, one can assume that the effectiveness of an octane booster depends on its quality, for example, the STP octane booster is quite effective, not only in raising octane levels, but also in cleaning out your engine. This octane booster comes with a two-in-one formula that enhances combustion and also rids your engine of residue build-up, boosting performance and keeping your car in good shape.

Octane boosters are made to be added into your fuel tank whenever you fill up your gas tank, it can also be used with engines that have cap-less gas systems. An octane booster can help you increase the lifespan of your car, but before you go out and buy an octane booster, take a look at stp octane booster review and analyses on the internet to get a better understanding of how octane boosters work and how to select one for your vehicle. Remember, while octane boosters can improve performance, they are not always a reliable solution, so make sure that you do some research and go for an octane booster that is dependable and does not have any negative effects on your car.

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